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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day 7 - Poetry with Jacob

The day started with a poetry session with Jacob, an inspirational and talented poet. The pupils were indeed intrigued by his witty, amusing and engaging approach towards poetry. 

                            Jacob, our inspirational and talented poetry teacher for the day


Our Eunosians did not disappoint either and were very participative and creative in their poems, impressing Jacob and their teachers in the process. Thumbs up!

Umairah raising her hand with confidence to ask a question

Afiqah, waiting patiently for her turn to ask a question

Care - Group members encouraging each other during the sharing session

Unity during the group presentation

Daniel laughing to a joke shared by Jacob

An example of how focused and intrigued our pupils were

Christine and Fadillah sharing their poems with Jacob

Jacob, Daniel, our Head Prefect and Mdm Haslindah posing for the camera


1 comment:

  1. Really nice pictures and thanks to all the teachers and students involved in the trip..Afiqah enjoyed the trip so much and has many stories to share..Thank you for having my daughter be a part of this exciting learning journey.

    From Afiqahs' mum